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dental bills

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Need Help on a Dental Bill

My stepson had to have mouth surgery from an infection because if the infection spreaded to his head and brain he would have died. We don't have insurance so it was very hard to find someone to do the surgery. Finally found The Institute of Facial Surgery in Melbourne, Fl. and it was $1500.00 for the surgery and they wanted the money the day of surgery. My mom gave me $475.00 of it and the remaining balance my husband wrote a check even though we didn't have the money to cover it. But we had to so he can get the surgery and be okay. Now they want the money within 15 days or they are going to take criminal action for a non sufficient check. They will not do a payment plan either. Please help me!!!
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About stilllearning

I became chronically ill about a year ago. It has taken sometime to get used to that. I am a little better as long as the doctors give me medicine to keep me awake. I now take medicine to wake up, medicine to walk, medicine for tears and saliva. Well i am awake with a mess on my hands. I have down sized to something affordable for a sick person. I still need some getting started money. Or is it getting caught up money? It is all about survival. I feel i could make it in this apartment if i can get my gas turned on and get my tooth fixed. Does anyone help a person with dental bill? It really is making me sick. i think i could get off of pain pills and antibiotics if i could get this tooth fixed. I do not make enough saliva and i have had to fix two other teeth already this year. well a big task when you are this sick. I guess i need all of the help i can get these days. But just getting this last tooth fixed would be a dream come true. It is broken pretty deeply. I just payed deposit money for an apartment. I do not have the gas on yet but i am working on it. At least i have a place of my own. For months now i have been cancelling dentist appiontments because the money has to go for food or medicine. And even that is hard to come up with some days. I think i could get a part time job if i get my tooth fixed. I don't think the community understands how badly auto immune disease can disable a person. I sat for two hours with strepthroat for a food voucher at Salvation Army last week. I did get some food, only because someone else left and did feel like waiting. I stayed because i had no food. They only helped 15 people. I was scared that i might not get any food. I was thrilled they gave me a voucher for $50.00. I would rather be well and work for a living of course. But it is going to take a little work for that to happen.

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Please help with prayers or anything you can

I am a single mother of two gorgeous girls living in Alaska. I am having such a hard time getting through things. My bills could fill up a house! I went to school after I had my second daughter to get a CNA certificate, good but bad thing. I couldnt work during that time so I took out student loans, now I cant pay them back and have been turned into the creditors. My oldest daughters medical bills have also caused me to be turned into a creditor. I am very afraid they wont treat her anymore if I dont start paying them, and she needs there treatment to get better. I have maxed out my only credit card to pay my bills, but now I have nothing left to pay with. Its getting cold out and winter is coming and I have NO money to buy heating fuel. I have already gone to the food bank twice this month. On top of all this I have a tooth that broke off and I need three pulled to make my pain go away, and dentist are  to expensive and none of them make payment plans. And my electric is getting turned off soon. Please somebody help us and pray.
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Struggling Mothe  

Need help in paying off medical bills

I have recently had emergency surgery on my teeth to remove spreading infection.  My insurance doesn't cover dental and I don't have a dental plan but my medical didn't pay much since I don't have dental plan.  And i still owe back bills on previous test with hospitals.  I am a single mother with no finanical help from the father of my children since we divorced in 2005, when he stopped helping me with the bills.  I am already behind on my mortgage payments because of medical bills and ex left me heavily in debt with old credit card bills, that he refused to help me with.  I would appreciate any kind of help that is available.
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